Wednesday, September 27, 2017

UPDATED POST TEMPLATE: (Feel free to reword this, but this is the general idea) It's time for this month's installment of The Bird Whisperers! For those of you just tuning in, we all do a piece of art inspired by the same reference photo. This month's bird is a Bali Starling! These lovely little birds are a critically endangered species with less than 100 adults living in the wild. Also called the Bali myna, they are the faunal emblem of Bali, and are on the Indonesian 200 rupiah coin. Since these birds are mostly white, I wanted to pin it against a dramatic sunset I imagine you would see in such a beautiful place as Bali. Please visit the @BirdWhisperer Project to see the reference photo and all of the other art for this month! Anyone can play along! Please tag the BirdWhisperer Project page so we can see your lovely artwork, and use the #BirdWhisperer tag. We love to spread the love of birds! -------------------------------

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